Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t edit my workshop registration page. It keeps saying registration closed.

This will happen if you do not first update the HurryTimer expiration timer to the new date and time of your upcoming event. The reason it is redirecting you to the registration closed page is because you are attempting to load the page when the timer is already expired/passed.

Please follow this training lesson I have created walking you through this process.

How do I send a mass email to my contacts?

Please reference this helpful article from ActiveCampaign.

This will allow you to send a campaign (email) to either an entire list of people, or you can segment and choose specifically who it sends to.

How do I merge 2 of the same contacts together in my mailing list?
What does the VIP checkbox do on my client enrollment forms?

The VIP checkbox is just for you so that you know out of who you enrolled as a client who is at a “VIP” level for your coaching business.

Ultimately, it is up to you to define what exactly classifies someone as being a VIP client, but typically, the BTI defines it as a person who is enrolling for a 12 month program, which usually combines multiple programs to create a total of 12 months of coaching.

In terms of filling out the form to enroll them, with a VIP client, you will want to check the box and select the program they are starting with from the Enrolled Program dropdown. This will trigger that welcome letter email to be sent to them. Then, once they are ready for the next program, you will fill out the “Re-Enrolled Client” enrollment form and select the next program.

How do I make sure clients do not receive a session reminder email if we are not meeting during a certain week?

Let’s say that there will be a certain week where you will not be meeting with a particular client, and you do not want them to receive the automated session reminder email they would usually get the morning of their session with you.

In order to do this, thankfully it is very simple!* All you have to do is open up your ActiveCampaign account. And then on the left side, click on ‘Contacts’.

From here, search near the top right the name or email address of the client. Then when you click on that person, scroll down a little bit in their profile where all of the tags and lists show up.

What we want to do here is simply click the part next to the tags that allows us to add a new tag. In this text box, type in ‘Client – Skip Session’. You should see the tag for skip session appear. Click on that.

There you go! That is all you need to do for each person you are skipping a session for. You will need to do this action BEFORE the person’s scheduled session, not the day of.

*Please note, this feature is only available on systems built by me after October of 2021. If your system was completed prior to this, you will not have this ability. UNLESS you are a retainer client, in which case you WILL have this ability. If you are not a current retainer client and wish to have this feature, reach out and we can discuss this further.

Why are edits to my site pages showing on desktop, but not mobile?

With Divi (the theme builder utilized for your WordPress site), it gives the ability to allow text blocks on the page to be responsive. Essentially what this means is that if the responsive toggle is enabled, you can change what the text shows or says depending on if the page is being viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Sometimes during the initial creation of pages I design for sites, I see a need to enable the responsiveness feature of certain text modules so that the text is formatted and looks good across all devices. For example, there may be cases where it may need a line break to read better.

So if I had to do something similar to your site page, this is likely why the text is updating on desktop, but not mobile or tablet devices. Thankfully this is a pretty simple fix!

First, you will need to open up the Divi Builder for the page you are wanting to edit. Once in the visual builder, find the text module you wish to change/update and then hover over it until you see a gray border appear. And then click. You will then see a toolbar appear. On this toolbar, click the gear/settings icon.

After you click on this settings icon, you will see the editor window appear. Now if you see these 3 icons underneath where it says ‘Body’, this text module has the responsiveness featured enabled!

And if you don’t see these icons, any changes you make to the text should update across all devices. However in the case here, if you make a change on the desktop view, it will NOT reflect across tablet and mobile automatically. The workaround to this is you will need to make the edits on desktop first, and then click on the tablet icon, make the changes, and the finally click on mobile and make the changes there.

People are telling me they are not receiving my emails

With the way email algorithms are today, unfortunately there are many different potential reasons why your emails could be going into people’s spam or promotion boxes.

Check out this helpful article from ActiveCampagin for some tips to help with this.

In addition to the tips in the article above, you can also let people know to make sure they add your email as a contact/safe sender and for Gmail users, to drag your emails from promotions into their main inbox.

Note that you can go into the contact’s profile in ActiveCampaign and check their activity on the right side of their profile and see if the system shows the email sent, and even If they opened or clicked links in the email.

How do I segment my contacts and send an email to only certain people?
People are saying they are receiving duplicate emails

If people are receiving the same email multiple times, it is possible they are entered into an email sequence automation multiple times. The solution will be to remove them from the duplicated automations. Inside of ActiveCampaign, click on ‘Contacts’ on the left side of your dashboard. And then search for the contact that is getting duplicate emails. Then, click on the contact’s name or email address. Once in the contact’s profile, scroll down to the section where the Tags and Lists appear. You will see a section where it shows all of the automations they have been in and currently in. If you see a gray box (these are each of the email sequences they are in) that shows a (2) or greater next to the name of the sequence, click on that. This means they have been entered into this however many times the number reflects. You will then see a list of how many times they have been entered into this email sequence. If the percentage next to the list shows anything less than 100%, that means they are actively in the sequence and getting duplicate emails. You can just simply click ‘End’ next to all of the duplicated ones except for one.


How do I change the name and link of a page on my website?

To change either the title or link (or both!) of an existing page on your website, first go to and enter your login credentials. Once logged, you will see your WordPress dashboard.

On the left hand side, click on where it says ‘Pages’. And then you will see a list of all the pages on your site. Hover over the name of the one you want to edit, and then click on where it says ‘Quick Edit’.

From here, you can change the name of the title and/or the slug (which is the forward slash part of the URL). Then, simply click the blue ‘Update’ button at the bottom right!


I am getting error emails from Airtable

Are you getting emails like this from Airtable after you enroll a new client using the enrollment process?

This message CAN look frightening, but thankfully it means no harm. All this message is saying is that Airtable (the software we use for the comprehensive database) was unable to apply the automated check mark to a lead in the Consultation Data sheet saying that person is now converted into a client.

This typically will happen because of 2 reasons:

  1. The person you enrolled as a client did not do a consultation with you prior, OR
  2. The person did do a consultation but they are not listed as a record within the Consultation Data section of the database, so there was nothing to lookup during the enrollment process.

Basically, if you were unable to look someone up in the database with this option in the enrollment form, you will see this error message from Airtable.

In short, if you are seeing emails like this after filling out the enrollment form, you can safely ignore it. It doesn’t affect anything important with the system.

Still have questions? I am here to help! Contact me here