The Power of Vision Workshop

3 Keys to Mastering Your Results

January 21st 2023

10 am MST

In this 60-minute virtual workshop, you will REDISCOVER who you are,TAKE CHARGE of your time and TAKE CONTROL of your life.

The Vision Workshop will help you bring your dream from vision to reality with our Results Formula that works every time. Even if you’re not sure what your dream is, just knowing there’s more for you is enough.

Do you find yourself in these situations?

  • Dissatisfied with life, but you can’t figure out what or how to change?
  • Getting in your own way to do what you want due to worry or fear?
  • Frustrated because you don’t seem to be making progress in life?
  • Feeling unsettled with uncertainties on the steps you need to take?
  • Facing a new chapter in your life and you want to uncover your path?

If this is you, know that you are not alone. During this powerful workshop, you will walk away feeling on fire for your life and your dreams!

The Power of Vision Workshop

You Will Learn:

  • Essential elements for tuning into your purpose.
  • Discover 3 Keys Principals to Creating a Vision Driven Life
  • Simple thinking-strategies that will guard you from fear, doubt and worry.
  • Learn the Power of Setting a Vision and mastering your results
  • Discover The # 1 essential factor that will put you on the direct path to a life you love
  • And so much more!

“This is review text of how great the last workshop was and I can’t wait for the next one!” – Claire

About Colton Weidner

I founded my company in November of 2020 after creating my wife’s, Erin Davenport, website and automation systems for her life coaching business. My knowledge from my university years of IT had come into play, and after spending over six months of testing and trying different combinations of services, I was able to cultivate a highly versatile and effective automation system catered for her life coaching business so that she could focus on her passion.
The journey of coming to this point of having the “perfect combination” of software for coaches came with a lot of frustration and time switching everything over multiple times, but I was thankfully able to find a system that works perfectly. And the great thing for anyone reading this, is that I already did the hard work for you. And today I am grateful to be able to share my gift with many life coaches and other professionals who do not want to mess with the tech stuff.

“ This is review one, it was amazing! "

“ Review two, highly recommended! "

“ This is review three, made a huge difference for me! "

Colton & Erin

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