Working with Colton has been a true dream come true!  I was allowing technology to keep me stuck in moving forward in my business.  My mindset was that I had to do this all on my own and this was keeping me from doing things to move the dial forward on my business.  Since working with Colton, he has removed the perceived limitations I had, allowing me to stay in my “Zone of Excellence” and closing the energy leak I created around technology. Colton is very knowledgeable with the programs, and even implements the tools and principles that the Brave Thinking Institute teaches to work with you with integrity, ease and flow.  I am so happy with the automations and website he created for me – tailored specifically to my message – and because of this, I have had more time to serve my existing and future clients!  I am so very grateful for his process, and the ease I feel knowing that he has my technology back!